Good Chance Of A Turn Lower 12/8/2008

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Today’s rally can be counted as a complete zigzag off the Nov 21 low so a turn downwards here is plausible.
The following S&P500 chart shows the spiral dates counting backwards from today as vertical red lines, and several do coincide very closely with previous highs and lows. The strongest are the f2 and f3 spirals from the 10/27 and 10/10 lows, but also f5 (9/5 low), f6 (8/11 high), f9 (close to a high on 4/7), f11 (10/31/2007 high), and f12 (near the center of a broad high around 7/17/2007).

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Nov 21 2008 Stock Market Bottom

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The following chart shows the S&P 500 with the spiral calendar dates counting backwards from 11/25/2008. Many coincide to the day or within one or two days of notable highs or lows. This predicts a turning point in the market (likely a low given the market position) in the area of Nov 24 to 26. Update: low occurred on Nov 21, the Friday previous.

[This post is being made after the fact on this blog, but I had posted a link to the following chart on the
Luna Ticks blog post entitled “Eureka” on Nov 22, predicting a low on Nov 25th.]

Spiral Calendar Dates Backward From Nov 25, 2008 - Click for full size chart

Spiral Calendar Dates Backward From Nov 25, 2008

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