Likely Short Term Top

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The rally I predicted in the last post has been MUCH sharper than expected. So this is part or all of the last leg of the rally off the March 6th low and not a b of B wave. In technical terms it’s one of the fastest rallies since the bear market began, and is reaching extreme overbought territory as the RSI and stochastics show. So I expect a pullback here and the short term spirals are aligned today. I still think it’s likely we are going higher before primary wave 2 tops out as I don’t think the bulls will give up easily and there are some nice big round numbers just above to attract prices.

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Spiral Calendar alignments for SPX for July 23rd, 2009

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Sleeping Dog Market

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Sleeping Dogs In The Church Plaza, Oia Village, Santorini Island, Greece
As predicted, the summer snooze is happening, as befits a B-wave. However we may have to wake up, scratch that itch, yawn a little, and roll over the other way before we nod off for another month as we are near a spiral cluster and have what can be counted as three waves down from the June 11 high. Several different markets could make a low here, so it may be more a case of the influence of the dollar than any individual market technicals/fundamentals. A turn may hardly be noticeable until several days after the fact as we are likely entering a b wave of B of the Primary wave 2 upward correction. There are different categories of sleep, rapid-eye movement, dreaming shallow sleep, and deep sleep. I think we are entering the latter phase. I expect markets to go sideways until fall/autumn.

Stocks – SPX

Spiral Calendar alignments for SPX for July 11th, 2009


Spiral Calendar alignments in Gold (GLD) running backwards from July 10th, 2009


Spiral Calendar alignments in Oil (USO) running backwards from July 10th, 2009

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