September 2009 Spiral Calendar Dates

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I am trying a different way of presenting the spiral alignments for September using a chart that shows a score calculated for each day based on the spirals on that day, the day before and day after. The formula is trivial – 1 point for each spiral calendar alignment from a previous high or low gives a base score for each date. Then the score is smoothed a bit by adding half of the scores from the preceding and following days. The red line is this evenly weighted smoothed score. The green and blue lines give more and less weight to long and short term spirals. The green line is long term weighted, and the blue line is short-term weighted. I have a hunch, but at this point it’s no more than that, that spirals are fractal like markets, and so short term trend changes are more aligned with short term spirals, and similarly long term trend changes more aligned with long term spirals. I have also plotted the full and new moons on the 4th and 18th respectively. Conclusions from this chart:

  • Possibly a long term trend change around the 5th-6th which falls on the weekend. Maybe one last push higher into Friday 4th will finish the bear market rally from the March 6th low? However I have predicted that top prematurely several times already!
  • Another candidate for a turn around the 15th-17th – too soon to form an opinion on direction, but it falls a couple of days before the new moon that Chris Carolan has identified as the time autumn panics tend to bottom. I doubt we will have a much of a panic since at worst this can be the end of wave 1 of some degree.
  • The short term alignments point to a short term turn at the end of the month around the 25th.

Stocks – SPX – (Corrected Chart – Previous Version Had New and Full Moons Reversed)

Spiral Calendar Daily Scores For September, 2009

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