October 2009 Spiral Calendar Dates

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Stocks – SPX – October 2009

Spiral Calendar Daily Scores For October, 2009

Last month I started using a chart that shows a score calculated for each day based on the spirals on that day, the day before and day after. The formula is trivial – 1 point for each spiral calendar alignment from a previous high or low gives a base score for each date. Then the score is smoothed a bit by adding half of the scores from the preceding and following days. The red line is this evenly weighted smoothed score. The green and blue lines give more and less weight to long and short term spirals. The green line is long term weighted, and the blue line is short-term weighted.

October predictions (above chart) look similar to September with two major peaks in the Spiraldate score. Dates to watch for turns in October are 7th-8th, 11th-12th, and 24th-25th. Assuming the Elliott Wave primary wave 2 top is in on 9/23/2009, we expect a sharp decline, possibly with a third wave low near the peak on 11th-12th October, and the fifth wave low around the 15th-16th a couple of days before the new moon on the 18th. If that plays out we expect a corrective rally into the 25th-26th peak. If on the other hand the market rallies from the 9/25/2009 low, again we would expect the top of a strong move around the 11th-12th.

So how did we do with the September predictions? We had a low on 9/2/2009 coinciding with a minor high in the spiraldate score. The first main peak on 9/6/2009 fell in the middle of an advance, but the second peak on 9/17/2009 coincided with what we assume is a third wave top. Finally the top on 9/23/2009 doesn’t match a major peak in the score – there is only a minor peak on 9/22/2009 and it’s too soon to tell if the spiraldate score peak on 9/25/2009 will mark a low. So overall a mixed bag, but the largest spiraldate score peak hit the top of the strongest advance on the nose.

Stocks – SPX – September 2009

Spiral Calendar Daily Scores For September, 2009

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Reversal Day

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Last Thursday’s top likely was a wave 3 with today’s stunning reversal after the market gave a head fake higher on the Fed commentary marking wave 5. While the spiraldate score is not at a peak, there are enough short – medium term spirals aligned to make the top more likely.

Stocks – SPX

Spiral Calendar alignments for SPX backwards from Wednesday September 23rd, 2009

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Was Today A Top?

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Today we have a clear 5 waves up from the September 2nd low, a new high followed by a lower close, and the peak in spiral alignments for the month. Seems a likely place for the market to top.

Stocks – SPX

Spiral Calendar alignments for SPX for Thursday September 17th, 2009

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Gold Spirals Aligning…

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Gold is showing several alignments here. We should expect a pullback after the thrust upwards from the end of the triangle, but would that be it for wave B or is there more upside to go? In terms of points, the rally is only a bit smaller than the triangle range, so a top is conceivable.

Gold – Short Term Spirals

Short Term Spiral Calendar alignments for Gold for September 8th, 2009

Gold – Medium Term Spirals

Medium Term Spiral Calendar alignments for Gold for September 8th, 2009

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