November 2009 Spiral Calendar Dates

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Stocks – SPX – November 2009

Spiral Calendar Daily Scores For November, 2009
This month I am just presenting the evenly-weighted spiraldate score (red line) and not bothering with short term and long term weighted scores.
November predictions (above chart) show score peaks (turn dates – not highs) on 4th, 12th-13th just three-four days before the new moon on the 16th, and finally on the 22nd.
So how did we do with the October predictions? In a word – miserably. The turns occurred on 10/2 and 10/19-10/21, both days of zero or near zero spiraldate score.

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Last Chance For The Bulls?

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If the bear market rally is to continue, it has to turn up near here, since we are sitting on the uptrend line from the March 6th low. There are several short-medium term spiral calendar alignments including last year’s Obama election peak centered on today, although there are a larger group of longer term ones dating from the 2001 period that point to November 4th give or take a day. The spiral score chart has done miserably this month – almost a perfect contra-indicator with turns on days of no spiral alignments.

Stocks – SPX

Spiral Calendar alignments for SPX backwards from Monday October 26th, 2009

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Spirals Align This Weekend

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The failure so far of the stock market to break higher than the 9/23 high convincingly is bearish, and if it’s looking to make a top the spirals fit perfectly this weekend. Gold also has alignments and the wave structure can be counted as 5 waves up from the end of the fourth wave triangle to make wave B of an expanded flat correction from the March 17th, 2008 high.

Stocks – SPX

Spiral Calendar alignments for SPX backwards from Friday October 9th, 2009

Gold – GLD

Spiral Calendar alignments for GLD backwards from Friday October 9th, 2009

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