December 2009 Spiral Calendar Dates

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Stocks – SPX – December 2009

Spiral Calendar Daily Scores For December, 2009

December predictions (above chart) show score peaks (turn dates – not highs) now – 1st, 11th-13th, and finally on the 26th-27th. This month there are two full moons on the 2nd and 31st (blue moon on New Year’s Eve), and the new moon is on the 16th again this month,
So how did we do with the November predictions? The actual low on the 2nd was close to our prediction of 3rd-4th. The other two peaks fell amid choppy conditions – the 12th-13th peak could match the top of a small degree third wave or the ensuing fourth wave dip, and the 22nd peak fell in the middle of some sideways chop.

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