AAPL Spiral Calendar Bellwether Top?

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Spiral Calendar Alignments For AAPL February 26th, 2010

Spiral Calendar Alignments For AAPL February 26th, 2010 – click chart to enlarge.

AAPL is currently showing some very clear spiral calendar alignments with a potential top on Friday – 2/26/10. These alignments are much clearer than they are in the NASDAQ 100, but may be a bellwether for the broader market.

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Real or Random?

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Real or Random Market Data

Are the markets unpredictable random walks or are they non-random and predictable? Every market technician believes they are non-random and predictable. One chart is real data and the other is random – but can you tell the difference without being told?

Check out the ARORA site (requires java) to test yourself by clicking on the chart.

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March 2010 Spiral Calendar Dates

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Spiral Calendar Daily Scores For March, 2010

March predictions show a succession of three progressively lower Spiraldates score peaks on the 6th-7th, the 15th-16th coinciding with the new moon which has marked highs recently, and on the 24th. Full moon is on the 30th. The absolute level of the Spiraldates score peaks is lower this month at 3.5 than the recent range of peaks between 4.5-6.5. This may indicate a more sustained move without significant turns. If the prevailing Elliott Wave counts – which put us as of February 21st, 2010 near the end of a small wave 2 of the first down wave in primary wave 3 down – are correct, then we can expect an extensive down move in March.

February’s prediction of a turn on Monday February 8th matched the lowest close spot on, but the intraday low occurred the preceding Friday. The lower, broader peak on the 14th-15th coinciding with the new moon on the 14th hit the weekend and the Presidents Day holiday, but there was a strong move up on the 16th, which could mark the top of a wave 3 of C.

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