September 2010 Spiral Calendar Score Chart

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Spiral Calendar Daily Scores For September, 2010

September spiral calendar predictions are dominated by a single large peak with a 5.5 score on Sept. 12th 2010. However there is also a week with a sustained score in the 2.5-3.5 range from Sept 3rd to Sept 9th spanning the Labor Day holiday weekend with US markets closed on the 4th-6th, and minor peaks on the 17th/18th, 22nd, 24th and 30th. This suggest two periods of choppy action, with perhaps a more significant turn in the middle. As always we will have to see how the market is positioned as we come to these turn dates.

For August the spiraldates score turn date on the 6th/7th (Fri/Sat) matched the high on Monday 9th within one trading day. It’s too early to tell if Friday’s high will be a turn to match the August 26th/27th turn date. Looking back to the resolution of the July predictions, the July 27th turn date matched a high exactly, although it was only a short term one preceding the August 9th top.

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