April 2011 Spiraldates Score Chart

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Spiral Calendar Daily Scores For US Stocks For April 2011

April 2011 shows three strong evenly spaced peaks on the 3rd coinciding with the new moon, on the 15th a couple of days before the full moon on the 18th, and on 26th April.

March predictions for a turn on the 5th/6th were close to the actual turn on 3rd/4th, but the peak on the 21st didn’t match the actual low on the 16th. For the record we are not aware of any correlation between the lunar calendar and earthquakes so do not believe the tragic events in Japan are anything other than unpredictable fault ruptures and are not related the the “supermoon” (extremely close lunar perigee) on March 19th. The Nikkei crash and partial recovery on March 15th/16th may have been precipitated by the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disasters, and may have influenced other markets to make their short term lows also, but the Nikkei has been in decline since 2/17/2011 and before that from a higher point on 4/5/2010.

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