May 2011 Spiraldates Score Chart

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Spiral Calendar Daily Scores For US Stocks For May 2011

May 2011 shows three strong peaks on the 2nd coinciding with the new moon, on the 6th and on the 18th a day after the full moon. Whether the first two peaks will match separate turns or if they will both apply to a single broader turn is an obvious question. My guess given the sideways movement since the Feb 18th high is they will mark a high of a corrective wave B of 4 of the rally since last August. This implies a moderate decline in wave C or rangebound sideways movement for a month or two, then a move up to a modest new high in late summer or fall that would be expected to be the top.

April predictions matched the market turns reasonably well and the current score peak on the 26th is looking like a likely turn lower also.

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Hi-yo Silver Away!

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I am just old enough to have caught the UK reruns of the classic western series The Lone Ranger in the early 1960s. Everything about the show was certain – The Lone Ranger would chase the bad guys, get in trouble, and be bailed out by his ever-faithful sidekick Tonto, but for a 7 year old this was the highlight of my week.

Little is certain about this silver market – maybe that it is guaranteed to entertain.
Is the 4/25/2011 reversal “THE TOP” of the run?
It certainly coincides with spiral calendar intervals (F12, F13) drawn from the starting point of the move on Feb 5th, 2010 and the first significant high on May 13, 2010. We can also see that many other spiral intervals from those dates match closely with other high and low points which adds confidence that these dates are governing the move. The auto-spirals (short color bars) do not have much data for this issue but do indicate a turn late this week maybe 4/29 or 5/2 which can be read as either a wave 4 or small degree wave 1 low so the jury is still out.

Silver – SLV

Spiral Calendar Alignments For Silver (SLV) Forwards From 2/5/2010 (red) and 5/13/2010 (blue)

Spiral Calendar Alignments For Silver (SLV) Forwards From 2/5/2010 (red) and 5/13/2010 (blue) – click to enlarge

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