September 2011 Spiral Dates Scores Chart

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Spiral Calendar Daily Scores For US Stocks For September 2011

These are momentous times in the markets and September’s spiral calendar alignments will only make things more interesting if possible. Spiral calendar clusters for US stocks occur in several peaks on September 1st, 4th (in the middle of the Labor Day holiday weekend), 8th-9th, 15th, 20th-22nd, a major peak on the 24th-26th that spans a weekend and is also centered two days before the new moon on the 27th, and finally on the 29th-30th. Given a two-day margin of error for each spiral cluster, there are few if any days this month that cannot be considered candidates for turn dates. I think we can expect a choppy month, and should just expect turns to occur near the centers of the clusters until the market changes our mind.

The large peak on the 25th with a 6.5 score – this represents 5 spirals aligned on the 25th: F5, F9, F10, F21 and F22, together with F18, and F19 on the 24th, and F13 on the 26th – is of great interest as it also falls two days before the new moon. As I wrote last month this is prime territory for the end of a panic or crash as shown in Chirs Carolan’s Autumn Panics: A Calendar Phenomenon. The exact timing (moon phases in EST) is for the new moon at 6:09am EST on Tuesday 27th September. The end of any panic is supposed to occur 55 hours earlier, plus or minus 12 hours, which is a window from 11am EST Saturday 24th, through 11am EST Sunday 25th right in the middle of the weekend. If it does turn out to be a panic, we might expect the market to close Friday after a steep decline, but then open with a bounce on Monday. Another interesting point is that the August 27th spiral score peak and the Sept 25th one are exactly F1 apart, so if we get a turn near August 27th, this would further reinforce the Sept 25th date. Both dates are in prime danger territory for a panic, and it’s not impossible that we might see two panics or at least large declines in a row a month apart, marking wave 3s of successive impulse waves down. Of course how the market behaves immediately prior to these dates is critical, so as always, predicting the direction of a turn too far ahead is difficult.

If we are entering panic territory, then there will likely be some huge rallies as well, possibly coinciding with the other spiral clusters during the month. In the first half of August, we saw daily 4-5% moves, so we can expect more of the same with huge, possibly even record volatility.

Governments are generally slow to react, but if we do see a collapse in prices, there may well be some executive actions from the US and other goverment agencies to curb program or high frequency trading, or short selling occurring after the damage is already done.

Predictions for August 2011 were for turns on the 6th, 15th-16th, and 27th. So far (writing on August 21st) we got a low on the 9th and a high on the 17th.

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