December 2011 Spiral Dates Scores Chart

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Spiral Calendar Daily Scores For US Stocks For December 2011


The New and Full moons were inadvertently switched on the original version of the chart so the commentary about a possible crash into the new moon is moot. If one occurs then it will be into the full moon and that matches recent experience with highs at the new moon and lows near the full moon.

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Scores for December 2011 show an early peak around Dec 7th-8th that is also about two days before the new moon and a total lunar eclipse on Dec 10th. Given the prevailing Elliott Wave counts placing us in the early stages of wave 3 of 3 down, this is a candidate for some kind of crash or rapid decline that if it occurs would be expected to bottom, at least short term, two days before the new moon. Given the premise that social mood, as modulated by the spiral calendar, controls market and social events, we may also expect some kind of deterioration in the European sovereign debt crisis coincident with a market decline around Dec 7th-8th 2011.
There is also a second spiral calendar score peak on Dec 26th.

For November spirals, the spiral score peak from Oct 31st through Nov 4th matched the top of the rally from the Oct 4th low.

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