Was 3/19/12 The Market Top?

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Here is the first post with a new spiral calendar chart I have developed that displays all spirals ending in the current visible date range, but only highlights those dates that have clusters of 4 or more spirals aligned on them (the red and green vertical bars). As you can see the red and green bars appear uncannily near significant market turns in this chart. I recommend clicking on the chart to get an enlarged view. The color red or green and the position above or below the chart is chosen based on whether the close on the bar day is above or below its 7-day simple moving average. Spiral alignment clusters are also plotted 20 days into the future, with Mondays marked by the black tick marks. So the next cluster of 4 or more spirals aligned is not due until Wednesday April 4th, with additional clusters near tax day (April 15th for non-US readers).
The chart may be distributed according to the Creative Commons by attribution commercial license 3.0 provided the Spiraldates.com legend is retained in its original form and/or the entire chart is a link to Spiraldates.com.

Spiral Calendar Alignments For S&P 500 March 23rd, 2012

Spiral Calendar Alignments For S&P 500 March 23rd, 2012 – click chart to enlarge.

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