April 2012 Spiraldates.com Spiral Calendar Scores Chart

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Spiral Calendar Daily Scores For US Stocks For April 2012

[Posted late, on April 7th] I had not planned to continue these posts but there have been several requests to continue, so I am posting the April chart.

Spiraldates.com spiral calendar scores for April 2012 show a broad peak from the 5th-8th (i.e. now – possible low?), and multiple higher sharper peaks on the 17th, 22nd-23rd, and 26th. Note that peaks in the score are supposedly more likely turn dates (highs OR lows) in the market.

Scores for March 2012 showed three peaks around the 2nd-4th, 10th-12th, and 22nd-24th and we saw lows on the 6th, 23rd, and 29th, and highs on the 19th and 27th. So one hit out of three, although March 2nd would have traded well as a high, even though it was slightly lower than the actual high on Feb 29th.

Explanation for new visitors: See June 2010 Post.

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