January 2013 Spiraldates.com Spiral Calendar Scores Chart

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Spiral Calendar Daily Scores For US Stocks For January 2013

Spiraldates.com spiral calendar scores for January 2013 show three distinct peaks on Jan 7th, Jan 17th-18th, and over the weekend of Jan 26th-27th.
Given the 3% rally on Jan 2nd after the fiscal cliff euphoria, Jan 7th is most likely to be a significant top, possibly C of ii of the bear market wave down from the September 14th, 2012 high.
Note that gray dots indicate weekends and red squares indicate a market holiday.

Spiraldates.com spiral calendar scores for December 2012 show three high peaks (potential market highs or lows) on December 6th-7th, 15th-16th (on a weekend), and the 28th.
There was also the end of the Mayan long count on December 21st.
The market made a high on Dec 18th, and lows near the spiral calendar peak dates.

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