August 2013 Spiral Calendar Predictions For S&P 500

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I am changing the chart style to a new Spiral Calendar Indicator drawn using the Amibroker platform.
This offers several advantages: it’s purely mechanical, automated, can be drawn for any index, stock or ETF with sufficient past history to generate spirals, and allows an easy comparison between past predictions and actual market turns. I plan to post only this type of chart going forward.

Spiral Calendar clusters are shown as the red and green vertical lines above and below the price chart on specific dates. Each vertical line also has several red or green numbers that indicate the f-numbers of spirals that originate at a past high or low point in this time series and end at that particular date. There is also a blue number nearest the price bars that shows how many spirals cluster at that date. The decision to make a particular spiral cluster a red (top) or green (bottom) prediction is based on whether or not the daily close is above (red/top) or below (green/bottom) a 5 day moving average of the close plotted as a gray line.

Future predictions for the coming month are shown at the right side of the chart – the gray tick marks indicate trading days and the black tick marks indicating Monday of each week. So the spirals for the next four weeks are shown. The red/green status for these is based on the last available close being above or below the moving average, so it may change as the month progresses and the close goes above or below the moving average.

So for the coming month turns are predicted on Wednesday August 7th, on Tues, Wed, Thurs 13th-15th August, Friday 23rd August, and Wed 28th August. Since the close is above the 5 day MA, they are all plotted as red potential tops.

Sometimes browsers omit detail in scaled down graphics, so I recommend clicking on the chart to view the full size version.

August 2013 Spiral Calendar Predictions For S&P500

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