S&P 500 Spiral Calendar Update March 7th, 2014

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Here is an updated spiral calendar chart for S&P 500 for March 7th, 2014. Please click on the chart to see the full HD-size chart.
The last spiral clusters for several days fell on Friday March 7th and it’s possible to count five wave up as complete. Also the last couple of bars are doji or nearly doji candlesticks that mark indecision and a possible turning point.

The clusters shown in mid-month on February’s chart did mark the end of the strongest part of the up move, but turned out not to be the high for the move.

If you don’t understand the chart – see the posts here and here .

2013 Spiraldates.com Spiral Calendar Predictions For S&P500

Update – zoomed in chart showing the next 21 days more clearly I hope. Also this chart includes spiral counts for days with 3 or less spirals (pale gray text) as well as the normal days with 4 or more (red or green vertical bars) previously shown in all the other charts.

2013 Spiraldates.com Spiral Calendar Predictions For S&P500

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