Fifth Wave?

Posted: August 4th, 2009 under Predictions, Stocks.

The July 23rd top I predicted was but a brief pause, perhaps a wave 3 top in which case we are due for a fifth wave top that should bring more of a turn. Short term spirals are aligned right now, however if we are just finishing A of a rally from July 8th we are due for wave B. The alternatives are that we are finishing wave A of the rally from the March 6th low, or possibly the entire rally from March 6th since we are sitting conveniently close to the prior fourth wave high. None of the alternatives seem much better than the others, so we expect a turn lower of some sort, but wait to be shown by the market whether it’s large or small degree.

Stocks – SPX

Spiral Calendar alignments for SPX for August 4th, 2009

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