Has AAPL Topped?

Posted: October 18th, 2010 under Predictions, Stocks.
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Apple Computer – AAPL – has traded down 6% in extended trading after today’s close 10/18/2010 to just under $300 (not shown on chart).

Spirals appear well aligned for a possible top – spirals F4 through F9 are all aligned with highs and lows in the choppy period from the late April market high to the late August low. However since the rise from late August 2010 doesn’t count easily as 5 waves this top might only be a wave 3 top, with one more push higher to go. There are further spiral clusters on Friday this week and the following Thursday. On the other hand, we may be seeing multiple degree waves 4 and 5 as part of an extended wave 5, and the spiral alignments together with the hanging man candle today point to a likely top here.

Spiral Calendar Alignments For AAPL October 18th, 2010

Spiral Calendar Alignments For AAPL October 18th, 2010 – click chart to enlarge.

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